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Therapeutic Approach

psyco-dynamic. existential. strength-based.

There are 100’s of therapeutic approaches out there, and for the client it can be somewhat overwhelming. Sometimes client’s approach me with requests for specific “type” (modality) of therapy. It’s important to understand that modern psychology is a marriage between science and philosophy. Much of my approach to client issues is globally conceived through Jungian & Existential theory.

Some therapist – mental health practitioners choose to specialize in one type of approach to mental dysfunction / human issue. I do not. I practice within a number of modalities (theories – Schools of thought) and treat a number of different issues (see areas of practice).

Some of the approaches I work within are: Positive Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Adlerian Psychotherapy, Analytical & Humanistic Psychoanalysis, Individual & Interpersonal Psychology, Systems theory, Attachment theory (EFT), Gestalt & Process Oriented, Narrative & Existential, Gottman & Imago Methods.

I encourage my client’s to ask for more information/ clarifications on any of the above approaches, theoretical orientations, modalities, and philosophies. I’m happy to educate my client’s based on the literature, and my specialized training. Please visit: Learn more & links of interest to explore some of the resources I’ve assembled to assist client’s in understanding the differences in therapy approach.