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The Helping Process

collaborative. dynamic. practical.

Working with Jason you will be welcomed to the present moment by focusing on the here & now. Perhaps you have anticipated what to say, made notes about topics / issues, maybe you have some goals for treatment, or perhaps you’re unclear as to where to start; or nervous. These are typical responses to the initial stages of therapy.

The sharing of your unique story needs to start, too begin somewhere. Your preparedness, anxieties, questions, emotional states are welcomed, accepted, & reflected.  The answer to why are you seeking counselling today, is clear, and loud for some, or might be hidden behind strong emotions in others. You will be welcomed to say whatever comes to mind. Client’s will have the protection of confidentiality, will have their questions answered, concerns addressed, and your disclosures are taken without judgment. In the process of treatment, you’ll receive “unconditional positive regard”, issue & goal clarification, and practical skills to better “manage” your issues.    Counselling interventions are cultivated from relevant and current research through ongoing supervision, education, and professional development.

Much of the shared time is spent in a collaborative, empathetic, universally accepting alliance. In the co-created space multiple meanings are discovered and explored. Knowledge, imagination, & courage are allies with us in the process. A deeper awareness of the many aspects of yourself, and your issues becomes the soil in which change grows. Together, you and I will work collaboratively to explore your inner world (your experiences, values, beliefs, sense of self, choices, culture, emotions, response, attachments, known/ unknown ego, etc). Through this safe, clinical, and genuine process you will gain new awareness and skills to cope more effectively with yourself and others. Skills are built upon your own strengths or resiliencies. You are fortifying yourself on several levels by engaging in the helping process.