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Service Terms


Sessions are typically held weekly; in some cases they may occur with greater or lesser frequency.


My cancellation policy is 24-hour notice either via email, text, or phone. Failure to cancel or failure to arrive for a booked appointment will result in a cancellation fee of $60.00 for the missed session or late cancelation


The standard fee per counselling session is $135.00 and is payable at the start of the session unless specific alternatives have been arranged. There is no sliding scale consideration for intake or termination sessions. Regular sessions are sometimes given at reduced rates at the discretion of Lehmann Counselling Service. Payment can be made with e-transfer, credit card, personal cheque (Payable to: Jason Lehmann), or in cash. Receipts are issued at your request.

Skype / Tele-Counselling:

Skype counselling and telephone counselling are conducted in some cases. Payment for these sessions is made through interact email money transfer and is due at the conclusion of the session.

Therapist Illness, Cancelation or Vacation:

In the event of therapist illness, vacation, or cancellation you will be informed with reasonable notice and given mental health alternatives at that time.

Termination of Therapy Relationship

Your termination of the therapy process can happen at anytime. However, it is strongly recommended one review and one closing session is undertaken prior to disengagement of the therapeutic relationship. This is for your protection and is strongly recommended. Termination does not require any explanation from you, thus can happen for any reason. If termination of the process is initiated by the therapist it can be for one of the following: (1) goals have been reached, no need for therapy (2) Clinical issues have been uncovered, or presented that are beyond my current training (3) some other ethical concern has presented (4) a conflict of interest has presented in which continuation of the therapy process is impossible. In cases 2, 3, and 4 a referral will be provided.

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