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Disclaimers & Fine Print

Counselling Process Limitations

Research shows therapy outcome whatever that maybe (behaviour change, broadened awareness, or management, relief, or closure to an issue) can be predictive. However, factors can hinder positive, or desired therapeutic outcome. The individual’s thoughts, change readiness, intentions, feelings, timing, self, social other, instinct, & ego can collide with outcome. Integrity, frequency, pace, nature of disclosures are other notable factors in change. It can be concluded therapeutic success as a desired outcome is correlated to the individual.

Virtual and Email Communications

Jason Lehmann, nor Lehmann Counselling Service (here-in referred to as LCS) is not in anyway responsible or liable for breaches of confidentiality as a result of using voice or virtual mediums. The nature of internet, and voice based services is such that guaranteeing confidentiality is impossible. Session’s conducted in-person have the benefit of physical privacy, & discretion. As a provider I cannot ensure the session dialog / content is not recorded, stored, or used for analytics by the platforms. Not all online, voice, or mobile platform’s are encrypted, nor do they necessarily meet Canadian privacy standards.  

  • Virtual communications made by LCS are considered “multi-party communications” due to the nature of the transmission & medium. 
  • The use of virtual communication as a means of receiving therapeutic service is at the client’s own “informed risk”. 
  • LCS does not use virtual recording, or document sharing via virtual communication platforms with exception to the use of email & limited to reasonable correspondence. 

Substance Addictions

Should you currently be experiencing issues related to the consumption or abuse of substances a referral will be provided. While exploration of your use/ abuse is welcome, and exploration of treatment options has been known to occur, no treatment for this will be provided.

Suspension of Value Judgements

I have found it helpful to suspend notions of right and wrong during the therapeutic dialog. This is not to suggest that values are not important and necessary for individual growth; rather, the strong emotions illicit by value judgments can hinder open mindedness or self discovery. In my experience, exploration of values with openness is essential to personal growth.

Correlation Work

Working with clients I have found discussions of a correlative nature rather then a causal nature allow for full exploration of problem areas. In my opinion and experience the nature of mental dysfunction does not lend itself to one specific cause or event. Often dysfunction is a result of several components blend in a individualistic way to support a toxic experience, or behaviours.

Hypothesis Testing

In keeping with open mindedness, all observations, reflections, and conclusions are seen as experiments or hypothesis. Definitive answers require testing, and time to facilitate change or growth in the individual.

Advocate for Family Preservation

I have a bias towards the preservation of the relationship between client and their family of origin. I only support cut offs from family members when severe abuses or traumas exist. My rational is the existence of a clear link between client dysfunction in the present and violence, sexual or mental abuse in the past.