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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “how many sessions do i need?”

A: Length of Therapy: is guided by the presenting problem, the mental and financial resources of the client, and in-therapy evaluations of progress. It is not uncommon to have life changing results after eight to twelve sessions. In some cases behaviour change can occur with as few as four sessions and in more complex cases, therapy can last several months.

Q: “Is therapy covered by my BC medical, extended health plan, or EAP (employee assistance program)?”

A: I am not a registered psychologist, psychiatrist, or a registered social worker. Some plans will cover these professional designations, and NOT registered clinical counsellors. Be sure to check your extended medical coverage to ensure RCC’s with the BCACC are covered to avoid disappointment. In the case of EAP’s, I am registered with Homewood/ human solutions but not some others out there.

Q: “what are my rights and my therapists obligations?”

A: Informed Consent: once the decision has been made to engage in therapy you will be presented with an informed consent document that will outline my theoretical orientation, the estimated length or treatment, the fee per counselling session, the cancelation policy, the location where therapy will occur, and the termination policy. You have the right to withdraw from therapy at anytime. However, this right does not extend to leaving while a session is in progress, or leaving in a distressed state. I have an obligation to confirm your mental state as de-escalated or functional at the end of any session.

Q: “what will be confidential in our sessions?”

A: Confidentiality: “ All disclosures will be kept strictly confidential with the exception to the following limits of confidentiality:-Client discloses intent to do harm to themselves or another person/ animal-Client discloses intent to neglect or abuse (physical, mental, sexual) a senior, minor, or child-Client discloses current participation in criminal Activity or a court orders records as part of a ongoing criminal investigation-in seeking supervision or consultation occurring only with client express consent. Your identity is protected and all identifying information is omitted from consultations. However a release of information allows sharing specific case information.

Q: “what are my therapist’s views on moral issues?”

A: Counter Transference: Jason has engaged in several years of self directed work to build his awareness around a number of political and moral issues. Awareness of sexual orientation, abortion, spirituality, family values, matters of state, ideology, and gender ensure the clinical focus is directed on the client. Congruent with a Jungian frame, building client awareness of their own views is paramount. At this time he remains generalist with a masters degree in counselling psychology.

*Please see the limitations page here