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About Jason

Experienced. Insightful. Dedicated.


I am a registered clinical counsellor (RCC #3525) who holds a masters of arts (M.A.) in counselling psychology from the Adler University (2010). I practice clinical psychotherapy in the Vancouver Block building located at the corner of Granville & West Georgia Street, downtown Vancouver. I believe strongly in holding the highest professional standards. Best practice is providing to the client the benefit of my experience and education in safe, and transparent ways. Since opening the office in 2010, I have a combined 10,000+ hours of one-to-one clinical care. My success rate is generally 8.7/10. Read some of my client testimonials.

Clients gain benefit through my attending international conferences or local workshops. As well as from delivering clinical care in an ethical / competent way. I am grateful to provide clients’ a safe, empathetic, non-judgmental space to express themselves regularly. I am committed to providing “objective” but also humanistic clinical care. I feel truly honoured to know my client’s inner world. I consider myself an advocate, supervisor, facilitator, educator, coach, advisor, theorist, and of course counsellor / therapist for my patents. I am diverse, competent, and adaptive in providing care to my client’s experiences/ needs.

My Experience & Competence

My professional “therapeutic” oriented experience began in my role as “peer-volunteer” on a part time basis with Qmuninty. There I used basic skills (active listening, empathy, reflection, framing/ reframing) to assist Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, and Transgendered individuals with their struggles. I did this for several years while attending my studies at Simon Fraser University (2003-2005).

My Professional Development

I believe strongly in continued professional development as part of best practice, and the maintenance of ethical standards. I attend regular supervision with several colleagues. Cases are presented with anonymity to other practitioners, and their opinions incorporated into my treatment approach. I attend a supervision group once a month as time permits through the Health Initiative for Men (HIM).