James Hillman – Soul Work:


The world of Jungian inner work

In my experience I have found clients benifit greatly from this form of therapy. The role of the therapist in this approach is to act as: Interpreter, Educator, and Collaborator. In practice the client  is directed toward their individuality through expanding their knowledge of themselves. The dialog includes choice awareness, locating forgotten or avoided parts of the self, and a strong focus on human will.

Carl G. Jung hypothezised that the human psyche is divided into conscious and unconscious components. The ego is both known to the individual and unknown to them. Because of this, people potentially can behave with little or no awareness of their actions. In our work we attempt to demystify this process by exploring what is unconscious. This shadow material is located through our dialog, your word choices, and recollections. Dreamwork, analysis of transference, active imagination, are sometimes used to bring new awareness to the role of the unconscious. The persona,  The collective unconsciousness & imagination, are also used in creative ways to aid in our work toward your individuation.

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