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The Helping Process

Working with Jason you will be welcomed to the present moment by focusing on the here & now. You have anticipated what to say, or where to start. The sharing of your unique story with anyone needs to start, to begin somewhere. You will be welcomed to say whatever comes to mind. The answer to “why are you seeking counselling today?” is clear, and loud for some, or might be hidden behind strong emotions in others. You will be welcomed to say whatever comes to mind. Whichever way you phrase your answer to …”what brings you in?” …you will have the protection of confidentiality. Counselling goals are cultivated & relevant research materials form your treatment plan.

Much of the shared time is spent in a collaborative, empathetic, universally accepting alliance. In the co-created space multiple meanings are discovered and explored. Knowledge, imagination, courage are allies with us. A deeper awareness becomes the soil in which change grows. The new life. Behaviour modification can be accomplished only when a clear understanding of the intent, or purpose of the clinical complaint is reached. Skills are built upon your own strengths or “resiliencies”.  You are fortifying yourself on several levels by engaging in the helping process.

Theraputic Approach

  • Please see the itemized list of theraputic approaches in the menu above or click the links below
  • In most cases a combination of techniques from several approaches is used in the formation of a treatment plan
  • Please feel free to request any of the listed approaches if one or several resonate for you

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy & MindfulnessSoul WorkHumanistic ApproachFeminist PsychologyCouples CounsellingOther Approaches


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