Testimonials, Feedback, & notes of thanks

“…I am so very grateful for you and the work we’ve done together.  Just finished transcribing our last session’s notes into my therapy journal and I really value having the collected notes of our sessions and that you’ve made that part of the process…”

-Female client, early 30’s, Ongoing client since may 2017

“…Thank you for being such a support to me this year. Your guidance, positivity and encouragement really made a difference. ????”

– Female client , age 30 – Ongoing client since March 2017 –


“Whenever I have these moments of clarity and happiness I always think back to the source.. which brings me to you. Thank you for helping me through what was a very conflicting time.  I’ll never forget you”

-Male client, late 30’s, April 2013 to March 2014 – Received August 2017


“Thanks for everything you’ve done for me. You helped me get out of that downwards spiral that I was in. Now I feel much more confident about myself and have been much more productive at work. Every day I grow stronger to control my anxiety. All of this was possible because you guided me during very dark times. Forever grateful”
-Male client, early 20’s, October 2016 to May 2017 – Received August 2017

“I’m doing so well in my life. I’m feeling like all our amazing work has really helped me and I’m finally feeling confident in myself and able to self regulate my emotions better in times of stress. I’m so grateful for you in my life Jason. You’re amazing at what you do and I’m so lucky to have found you!!!”

-female client, early 30’s, ongoing since 2013 – Received July 2017


“I really do love u Jason!” “U are amazing. Always the perfect words at the perfect time.” “I did turn my thoughts and emotions into actions this morning and I feel like a million dollars!”

-female client, early 40’s, ongoing since 2015


“Jason is an excellent therapist. He has been instrumental in assisting me to zero in solutions to chronic issues that have plagued me my whole life. With his support i have made very significant progress in healing the core problems that have prevented me from living life to the fullest. he is very good with interpersonal skills and i have felt easy working with him in session. He is also very proactive about suggesting approaches to problems that i may not have seen.”

-male client, late 50’s, ongoing since 2016


“My experience with Jason has been extremely insightful and valuable. His counselling style is effective and innovative, and has helped me tackle a variety of aspects of my life. I highly recommend the service he provides!”

– male client, late 20’s, ongoing since 2013


“Jason is a counsellor that provides the utmost care, concern and attention all the while mining deeply to get to the root of your issues. He is not merely a listening board, though he is an extremely considerate listener, Jason will take your thoughts and emotions and break them down piece by piece so that you can understand the truths about yourself that you never realized…or never had the strength to face. Once aiding in tearing down the facades, he helps build you back up and gives you tools to deal with your very specific day-to-day moments of strife and challenge.”

– male client, early 30’s, ongoing since 2010


“Jason has been instrumental in giving me insights and practical tools to help me achieve my goals. I always walk out of his office with an optimism I didn’t walk in with. I am very grateful for his candid and active approach at tackling life’s difficulties.”

– female client, early 40’s, ongoing since 2008


“Jason has been instrumental in giving me the tools to work towards the goals I have been looking for. His role in helping me actively apply techniques in my day to day life have been life changing.”

– female client, late 30’s, ongoing since 2008


“Jason’s committed dedication has given me quickly the insight I needed to find the directions and pathways that have moved me to a place of understanding my personal challenges. Jason inspired me towards the successes I deserve”.

– male client, early 50’s, ongoing since 2008


“your work paid off [the adjusted couple]… got married [summer 2010]. It was an awesome Vegas wedding, with lots of friends and family. You helped us through some troubled times and it will never be forgotten. HELLA big thanks [dude]!”

– male & female clients’, late 20’s, august 2010


“You were the saviour of the day!  Apparently your help was the exact kind that the event needed”.

– organizer, suicide prevention day, september 2010


“With your help i know i don’t have to be perfect and i can relax in the notion of my fallible humanity…You have changed my life. I hope you know I appreciate you, your effort over the last 6 months, your flexibility, your relaxed nature, and your relentless repetition!”

– female client, mid 20’s, spring 2009


“Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and insight to support parents & their families during a fantastic experience!”

– parenting group thankyou, November 2009


“Jason creates a sense of safety and trust easily and quickly with clients. He is a competent therapist who brings passion and dedication to the field of counselling.”

– supervisory feedback, Summer 2009


“Excellent deepening of process. Clients will benefit from Jason’s investment in understanding their situation, and his unique and creative approach.”

–  doctoral evaluation ,  Spring 2009


“Your curiosity, courageousness, and commitment to helping clients will make you an excellent therapist.”

–       doctoral feedback, December 2008


accepted with gratitude

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