Do any of these sound like you?

  • Your relationships are suffering
  • You’re depressed or anxious
  • You’re sexually confused
  • You’re overwhelmed with everyday life
  • You’re facing life transitions
  • You’re stressed
  • You’re self-medicating to escape
  • You’re not sleeping
  • You’re pre-occupied with the past events, or past decissions
  • You’re angry with self or others
  • You’re unable to focus
  • You’re self-isolating and lonely
  • You’re uninterested in life
  • You’re inauthentic or shutdown
  • You’re boundary challenged
  • You’re unhappy with your body
  • You’re out of balance
  • You’re disconnected from your feelings
  • You’re having difficulty setting or achieving your goals
  • Your career lacks direction
  • You’re experiencing panic, restlessness in social situations
  • You’re having sexual difficulties 
  • You’re unsure of your gender
  • You’re avoiding your sexuality with yourself or with others

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